Full Body Vibration Therapy


Vibration training is one of the most effective exercises of any to assist lymphatic drainage and to increase Hyper-Circulation blood flow because of its involuntary muscle response type. FBV also provides 60 minutes of conventional exercise in 10 minutes.

From your very first session of VT there will be an immediate improvement in blood circulation, and you will feel the effect FBV has on your muscles.

Because you get 2460 Full Muscle Contractions per minute, you Recruit 95.9% of muscle fibers not 46% due to an Involuntary Reflex vs a Voluntary one that one does at the gym for example, therefore increasing muscle strength very quickly and with little effort.

The other benefit is that this will also improve the blood circulation and the lymphatic drainage and have the same effect as 60 lymphatic drainage massages!

VT also increases core conditioning and improves overall flexibility as the various positions of the excercises expand and elongate the muscle fibres gently and increasingly with use also improving overall body balance, co-ordination and range of motion especially helpful as our body ages.

FBV will Help Assist:​

2460 Full Muscle Contractions per minute

Recruit 95.9% of muscle fibers not 46% Involuntary vs Voluntary Reflex

Improves blood circulation

Improves lymphatic drainage

Increases muscle strength

Increases core conditioning

Improves flexibility

Improves balance and co-ordination

Enhances your range of motion

Vastly improves sports performance

Enhances metabolism

Increases bone mineral density, which helps fight osteoporosis

Can help those suffering from Arthritic conditions

Reduces the hormone cortisol whilst raising levels in serotonin

Elevates of human growth hormone

Decreases cellulite

Full Body Vibration

Body Vibration