What our Clients Say!

Nicoletta Saraceni

Loving my Vibration Therapy Session.

It's like a gym workout but faster and effective. Come as you are straight from work. Don't need gym gear. Feel energized and more toned in just a few sessions. Saves me time and $$. Highly recommend it. It's a Lab, a Gym and a Cafe all in one.

Andreea Minteoan

Lovely lady, amazing customer service.

Felt very comfortable during my session, and will definitely be back!

Lee Muley

I purchased a pack of 20 vibration sessions & it has been the BEST experience! My body has toned up & I feel so energised after each session it's great! Tina is so lovely, she's friendly & welcoming along with being informative & supportive - I highly recommend this place!


Tina at The Labodytry is very knowledgeable & friendly. I would definitely recommend her procedures & treatments.


The Labodytory is a lovely clean and welcoming place, Tina is very friendly and knowledgeable and answered any questions that I had making me feel at ease. I Would highly recommend.


Tina is knowledgeable and friendly. Experience was comfortable and pain free. Going back for some beauty treatments.


This was much more challenging than I had anticipated as not only are you stretching and working out core areas your body is also resisting the vibrations.

I would recommend to everyone.


Fast and effective, this is a form of exercise I can fit into my busy schedule and something I would keep up. Convenient and flexible, you do book your sessions.

Happy with the results so far.


Tina is so lively and helpful in giving tips about health and well being. I shall highly recommend her service.